Super Hot Babes Swap Loads Of Cum After Getting Hard Fucked

  I was happy to Chaya in another video, and add to that she’s paired with the lovely Candy! Should be a good one. The director starts off well, showing a nice closeup of their sexy feet before panning up to show off these two cuties. Chaya starts off by pulling down Candy’s panties and kissing her ass. The two girls undress and play with each other’s tits, and Chaya then starts eating Candy’s pussy.

  They move into the next room and Chaya takes a glass of milk. She drinks some and then swaps it with Candy. She lets it drip out of her mouth right into Candy’s. This is so hot, and should be done in all Sperm Swap scenes!

  Two cocks then come in, one for each girl to suck on, which they do. They then lie beside each other and the guys eat them out. The fucking starts, all vag, with Candy in mish and Chaya in cowgirl. The guy pulls out of Candy and Chaya sucks him off. We then get a nice shot of Chaya in cowgirl, her soles shown off, and Candy riding her man in reverse. The fucking continues in various positions.

  Let’s face it, the finish is what we’re watching for, and Chaya is the first to take a load, her mouth is wide open as our stud shoots a good eight spurts in there, filling it up with hot cum. The next guy does even better, shooting 9-10 spurts right into this cutie’s mouth. It’s so full of cum some is spilling out! She shows off the giant cum load in her mouth, spilling some again, then lets it slowly, slowly ooze out into Candy’s gaping mouth. Just so sexy, it’s unreal. Then she stops! Candy shows off what she has so far, and swallows. Chaya then resumes the swapping. Unfortunately Candy doesn’t seem too into it and gags a bit then seems disgusted when Chaya unleashes a very saliva filled swap right into her mouth. She spits it out. The girls stand up and kiss to close out the scene. Watch full movie in TRUE HD quality only at Sperm Swap.

Babe Sucks Five Cocks And Takes Cum Loads On Her Face

  The 21-year old babe has long, black hair with a nice body and face. Regina is presented four healthy swordsmen to work her magic on. She starts with one of the three guys standing. From there she moves onto the only man seated. He is seated on a chair painted in gold. The loyal servant girl works on the king’s scepter. Regina pays special attention to his royal balls. She next sucks one of the men standing as she strokes the king’s regal rod. Regina proceeds onto the next man. This raven-haired beauty loves stroking and sucking cock. The four of them surround her. The devoted commoner makes sure the king and his court are happy.

  Regina is picked up and laid on her back on the throne with her legs over the back and her head hanging over the front edge of the black cushion. Her long black hair sweeps across the tiled floor. The first stud begins mouth-fucking her as she looks up at the camera from below him. One by one they take their turn. I like the fourth guy. Instead of straddling her face with his back to the camera he straddles Regina show she can gaze up at him and the camera. She looks magnificent slurping on his balls and sucking his dick.

  They lift her up and sit her down the throne normally. Regina’s mouth and hands go back to work on their noble clubs. Seated in the gold adorned chair; she shows she is the queen of cocksucking. I wonder if in the day of King Arthur if many wenches loved sucking dick as much as this whore. It is awesome when one of the guys stands on the arms of the chair and slams his dick straight down into Regina’s mouth. Following his lead another guy does the same while her hands keep two other cocks stiff. The other two follow suit as well. The guys pound their dicks into Regina’s mouth. She never blinks. It is obvious that she has been practicing on a lot of cocks to get ready for her royal performance.

  Regina kneels in front of the throne. She awaits her coronation as the newest “Cum For Cover” whore. From the right the first knight spanks her cheek and chin with his cum load. The second knight matches his efforts from the left side. The third knight jettisons his modest load onto her face and hair. The last royal also cums on her forehead and hair. Watch full movie in true HD quality only at Cum For Cover.

Great Cum Swapping After Hard Fucking

  Debbie and Stella are hot enough to be headliners themselves. Thank you Sperm Swap for putting them together in the same video! They make a great pair, no pun intended. Stella is a blonde with playful and well-shaped tits, and Debbie seems to be thinner, more athletic. These two girls do a terrific job of getting each other warmed up with better performances than usual. Lots of kissing and titillation makes yours truly a happy man.

  As with some of the better Sperm Swap videos, the girls play with cream or milk and do a little preview of things to come. This is always prettier than the real thing, but not necessarily better. Stella takes the cream into her mouth then drips it into Debbie’s while making out with her. I like it because the cream thing happens before makeup is ruined, and hair is tossed, and jizz is shot all over the place. Wait, can I vote again? Both parts of the video are hot.

  As predicted, Debbie and Stella really impress me with their cocksucking. Normally, I prefer two girls on one dude, but this seems to work out just fine with an even match. We even get a little POV action to get the fireworks started.

  They go through the various positions, playing well to the audience. Debbie seems taken aback when we pop it in her ass. She screams louder and seems distressed, which I love. What’s wrong with me? I did not see Stella do any anal, but there was a lot going on at once. The swap is from Stella down to Debbie. The politely kiss afterwards. I know it’s tough but I wish they would show the same enthusiasm with cum as they did with the cream. Watch full video in TRUE HD only at Sperm Swap.

Cute Chicks Get Fucked By Three Guys And Swap Three Loads Of Cum

  Leona… she’s leggy and hot, and today she’s with a blonde… postal worker? She’s decent looking but Leona definitely gets top billing. The cameraman reaches out and forces them into some more enthusiastic lesbianism. It’s a technique used by all the great directors. Reach out and grab that bitch like Spielberg. Nora, as we will now call the blond stand-in, is a remarkably good kisser and cunnilingus-er. Who wouldn’t when it’s Leona you’re putting your tongue in?

  They do the cream thing and Nora already looks like she’s gonna spew. Bad spew, that is. She recovers as they go back and forth until Nora drips it over Leona’s thin torso. Hot. Lick it off! She does. The lesbian action seems to be really taking off when the three cock-a-teers break up the girl-girl tongue-fest. Each girl takes one and the third walks around trying to get some, but ends up stroking himself. Hell, I’m jealous of that guy too!

  Eventually, everyone finds a hole. One lucky bastard gets some double oral action from the girls. At this point I wondered about if Nora is ready for a triple cum load in her mouth. They go through several combinations of two guys or three guys at a time. Thankfully, they make some use of both girls at the same time. Some videos show two girls getting fucked next to each other, but this one takes a little bit to connect the girls.

  For the swap, Leona takes all three huge cum loads at first, due to seniority, right? Even she almost blows it before dripping it into Nora’s mouth. She handles it well. Good for you girl! They make out a bit at the end, much to my delight. The cream play afterwards is strangely erotic to me. Watch this hot cum video at Sperm Swap.

Guy Fucks Two Babes In Asses And Gives Them Cum To Swap

  This is a solid Sperm Swap video so there are many great moments. Among them are a nice lesbian scene where Simona is standing with her long legs spread and her ass in the air, moaning as Lulu convincingly licks and tastes her sweet pussy. The fun continues when the two girls team up to give one lucky guy the blowjob of his life. I don’t usually spend much time looking at the guys, but this guy has a big smile on his face, and I can’t blame him.

  The girls are excellent together. As Lulu wraps up some more oral action, Simona, moves her legs to get herself into reverse cowgirl position. Lulu helps guide guy’s cock into Simona’s ready asshole, alternating licking Simona’s pussy and the guy’s balls. But that’s not all. Horny girls get into 69 position with Simona on top. Lulu licks Simona’s pussy as the guys deeply fucks Simona’s beautiful ass. It’s a great classic threesome scene. But wait there’s more! Both girls are lying on their backs with their legs up in the air and their asses gaping for cock…

  One more special bonus! Our gals are sitting on the couch with their mouths open, like little chicks waiting to be fed, and our lucky dude doesn’t let them down, depositing a thick creamy load of cum into Simona’s waiting mouth, which she shows the camera several times using her talented tongue. Lucky for Lulu, Simona doesn’t mind sharing, dripping thick stringy messes of sperm into Lulu’s open mouth. Simona shows her professionalism by using the tip of her tongue to push the final bit into Lulu’s mouth which she quickly swallows. The final seconds of the video end with Lulu licking some drips of cum from the side of Simona’s mouth. And lastly, the girls exchange a long tongue kiss before they blow a kiss to the camera. Watch this awesome video at Sperm Swap.

Two Hotties Swap A Big Load Of Cum After A Nice Fucking

  Another really good scene. Pretty girls with natural sex appeal, who seem to love performing for the camera and work well as a team. In short, tight, fun loving teen nymphos and a variety of well shot, enjoyable scenes.

  Candy and Christina from the Czech Rep. Are two hot and bubbly 20 year olds in fetching outfits. Candy kicks things off by burying her face in Christina’s pussy which is supplemented with some dido action from the camera man. Candy receives similar treatment before getting down to sucking off the stud.

  Christina is penetrated first doggy style whist licking Candy who is spread eagle. Then its Candy’s turn to be shafted reverse cowgirl. Christina responds by riding hard and fast. The two girls then spread wide for more pounding, Christina squirting in the process. In the end of great fuck session babes receive cum load and swap it. Watch full movie at Sperm Swap.

Busty Babes Swap Cum After Getting Hard Fucked

  This Sperm Swap video features two naturally big breasted girls. Tami, 21, is an average looking (but cute) girl with dirty blonde hair, a huge rack, and unfortunately a small gut that becomes noticeable throughout the video. Tina, on the other hand, is a smoking hot 25 year old with large natural breasts and a tight yet curvy body. Watching Tina makes this video truly enjoyable.

  After the girls playfully prance around and show off their bodies, the cameraman whips out a small vibrator and plays with Tami’s vagina while shooting POV while Tina nibbles on her breast. Hot! Then couple of dudes join in and the twosome suddenly becomes a four person orgy. Titty fucking, doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, blowjobs – you name it and these girls are doing it in the living room. The action then moves to the kitchen on a counter with some inventive use of the ceiling among other things. Each of these girls get pile-drivered. My favorite moment is the penetration shot of Tina. Tina finally takes two cum loads in her mouth and than spits the cum into a waiting Tami’s mouth. Very hot! Watch full movie at Sperm Swap.

Two Guys Fuck Babes And Cover Them With Huge Cum Loads

  There have been some darn good scenes coming out of late. This one is certainly among them, and my preference for the delectable Kate not with standing, both girls do a bang-up job here. There’s some hot girl-on-girl action, as well as some acrobatic, limb-flipping fuck-action here that most of your horny-toads aren’t going to want to miss. Good stuff – I definitely recommend the download.

  Kate is my favorite here. Tall, rail thin, blonde – she’s not so much beautiful as she just has that perfect street-walker slut look about her. And I say that in only the most complimentary way. I really love watching her. Mind you, Patricia’s good looking too – offering the bigger tits and a more filled out look. Both girls spend some great time together, taking turns licking each other’s pussies and helping each other get undressed. It’s really nice stuff, and I’m glad to see more of the girl-girl action in the recent Sperm Swapped scenes.

  Two meat-men come and join the ladies, and they swap off with some cock-sucking, and throat banging before the proper workout begins. The action is fast, furious and relentless as girls get flipped around, and fucked silly in the usual variety of pretzel-esque positions. Patricia takes it up the ass, and although there’s not anal for Kate, I still loved watching her long, slim body get worked. In the end, Patricia gets deep penetrated and then takes the cum loads before swapping them to Kate. Watch this great movie in FULL HD quality at Sperm Swap.

Attractive Babes Take Cum Load And Swap It

  This is an outstanding video. Both babes are gorgeous, and Victoria, especially, is my kinda cute. There’s lots of girl-on-girl action, including some aggressive kissing, sucking and pussy licking, and the sex itself is equally riveting. This one’s a keeper.

  Both these babes are really sweet. Victoria is my favorite, with her short body, her 100 watt smile and that yellow ensemble she wears. Defrancesca isn’t too shabby either, and she has the added bonus of being the anal-centric girl of the two. The scene starts out with some outstanding girl-girl teasing, including plenty of kissing, butt-licking, tit-sucking, and eventually pussy eating that rivals even the most adventurous of Cum For Cover girl-girl sequences. I loved it, and the fact that both girls are so gorgeous just added to the effect. They even do some mock "cum swapping" using heavy cream for practice. Good stuff!

  Of course, it’s not long before the guy enters the picture, and the scene only gets better from there. There’s only one cock for the girls to share, but every shot is cock-throbbing, I must say, particularly when Victoria starts bouncing up and down in reverse cowgirl or when Defrancesca starts taking it up the ass. The girls even continue where they left off with some pussy eating while they get fucked. The scene ends when the girls do for real what they practiced earlier. Defrancesca takes the huge cum load in her mouth and feeds it to Victoria for the finish. Watch this video in TRUE HD quality only at Sperm Swap.